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 hookah is a single or multi-stemmed water pipe for smoking. Originating in India it has gained popularity, especially in the Arab World. A hookah operates by water filtration and indirect heat. It can be used for smoking herbal fruits.The tobacco used in hookahs is different than that associated with cigarettes, or, indeed, any other form of smoking. It is, traditionally, a damp blend–called shisha, made of fresh tobacco leaves with molasses or honey and semi-dried fruit or fruit pulp.Many smokers delight in the large assortment of flavoured tobaccos. The dark, wet mixture comes in flavours ranging from apple, cherry, apricot, and watermelon, to rose, jasmine, vanilla, honey, and liquorice, with more exotic blends beyond that, such as lemon-cola, cappuccino, apple-mint, and a list of custom blends that is nigh on infinite. Since hookah tobacco is very wet it must be smoked using a hookah charcoal.

Rather than being lit directly, the tobacco is heated with a coal placed on tinfoil or wire mesh above or in the bowl holding the damp mixture. Each bowl of this wet tobacco lasts a long time, usually requiring several replenishments of the charcoal. In the past, among those rituals and traditions surrounding the lighting and smoking of the hookah, were strict prohibitions against lighting the tobacco incorrectly–or even allowing a cigarette smoker to light their cigarette off of the hookah coal.

Hookah tobacco is only 30 percent tobacco and 70 percent fruit flavouring and molasses. It contains .05 percent nicotine and most types contain no tar.

Because the tobacco is heated, rather than actually burned, studies have shown that there are fewer carcinogens produced in hookah smoke than in other forms of smoking. Though mellower and less carcinogenic, hookah tobacco is still tobacco and the health risks remain.

Hookah tobacco is only to be smoked by adults over 18 years of age, and only then smoked in moderation.

Twisted Scriptures has a supplier in Israel so that you know you are getting quality and genuine shisha and hookah supplies

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